Recent Technology Could Be Scary


As we all know, modern technology has changed our lives. Thanks to the development of Technology, we can have a better quality of life. Technology offers us conveniences and comfort. And there are other advantages that this technical progress offers. However, according to the recent technology news, Technology can create peril. This makes people more individualistic and changes the way the brain works. Exposure to Gadgets doesn’t just affect the way we think. According to neurologists, it also affects brain cells. Video games and the convenience of technology can change the structure of the brain. This will lead to behavioral changes in people. Aside from these changes, some of the new inventions seem pretty scary. Here are some of them.

Spotlight Audio System

This Technology was developed by Holosonic. This invention is used by the advertising industry. The Spotlight audio system consists of small speakers that produce audible ultrasonic frequencies. When customers stand in front of a supermarket aisle, they hear a voice in their head. He will tell you to buy a specific product. This can be quite scary for your mental health and your wallet.

Synthetic DNA

Biotechnology researchers have successfully mapped the human genome. With this information, you can find the root of Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The purpose of this research is to acquire the ability to write DNA. Therefore, Man can be free from cancer, contagion and Alzheimer’s. This DNA writing is no longer a dream, a biotechnology scientist produced synthetic DNA in 2010. And he had tested it on bacteria.

In the near future, biologists will be able to create DNA that will make man stronger, healthier and smarter. However, in the wrong hand, this Technology can become deadly by creating peril viruses that lead to passed away. And their DNA can be stolen and altered. So, be careful.

Computer virus

Cyber strike are not a new topic. However, it is expected that there will be a cyberwar in the near future. This debate does not look like a debate in a Science Fiction Movie. This debate will take the form of cyber strike on a country’s electronic system. Therefore, the electrical, banking and other system is disrupted. This weapon of this cyber debate is a computer virus created by hackers. That is why it is important to have an excellent antivirus system if you do not want important information on your PC and Smartphone to be stolen by hackers.

Google Glasses

Google Glass is probably one of Google’s greatest inventions. However, most people are not satisfied with this invention. Because of this gadget, your privacy is at risk. With a single blink of an eye, the wearer of Google Glass can record a video. In addition, by simply looking at an object and winking, the wearer can take photos. Some public places such as cinemas and Bars have banned this Gadget.

The above new Technology is not everything. There are other innovative Gadgets that can help. Google cars and 3D printers can be peril. It is true that Technology can make your life more comfortable and comfortable. However, you need to read technology articles carefully and be smart when using Technology.

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