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At the end of the year, it seems appropriate to vote for the best (and some of the worst) Gadgets I’ve ever seen. These are my personal choices for the products that I considered the best of the breed and that really managed to differentiate themselves. In no particular order, here are my tips and pans.

Best phones: It was a tricky category, and I don’t divide them into different segments. In my opinion, this is simply the best on the market – no matter how smart it was or how good it was at school.

For the iPhone 3GS. It was a simple decision. Take the coolest phones on the market, increase the memory and make it twice as fast. Add new features such as a digital compass and take advantage of an ecosystem of more than 100,000 applications. Of course, it’s still tied to AT&T, but the iPhone is still the phone that many others are looking for.

Front palm. By this time last year, many accounts had been written off entirely. Instead of fading away, Palm has returned in force with webOS, a new way of integrating various content called Synergy and two devices launched worldwide. Along the way, the Pre has received a lot of consumer attention, and Palm has shown that it is not necessary to clone the iPhone to advance the state of the art.

HTC HD2. When Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5, there was a chorus of moans about more of it. HTC has risen to the challenge, proving that Windows Mobile has more to offer than slow devices and resistive screens. The HD2 brings Windows Mobile with a capacitive touchscreen, a Snapdragon processor and extensions developed by HTC that work Multitouch in places never seen before.the magnificent 4.3-inch screen of the HD2. Wrap everything in the HTC Sense interface and you will have the best Windows Mobile device on the market today.

Best Desktops: With the shift from desktop shopping to laptops for many consumers, sometimes it’s hard to see anything special in this category. This year, there are two that struck me.

Apple 27-inch iMac. In a crowded market of boring machines rushing to the bottom, the 27-inch iMac stands out from the crowd. Whether you get the 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or the 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5, you have a computer that is unlike any other and has a value for money that would have been practically impossible a few years ago.

HP TouchSmart. The TouchSmart line has been around for a while, but HP has managed to take the concept to a whole new level with native touch support for Windows 7. HP filled in the gaps in 7 and the Win 7 TouchPack, adding a variety of useful touch applications and creating a framework that other developers could use. The TouchSmart is a great example of a provider that builds on Microsoft’s core work and brings a proof of Concept to the general public.

Best Operating System. It was a difficult year for the OS market. After all, neither Windows nor Mac OS were destined for a major release, but both found ways to move the envelope forward.

Windows 7. If you’re getting a new PC or using Vista, upgrading is a breeze – you want Windows 7. If you are still using XP and it works for you, this is a more difficult call because it is not easy to upgrade directly from Windows XP. There is also a slightly confusing choice of references and quite high migration costs, but overall, Windows 7 is undoubtedly Microsoft’s best operating system to date.

Snow leopard. It wasn’t a major update in terms of features, but there was a lot going on under the ceiling, setting the stage for what comes next from Apple – and Exchange Support was worth more than the modest upgrade fee. Thinner and faster, Snow Leopard has reclaimed a lot of disk space for users and improved performance. A lot of goodness at a fairly reasonable price.

Best Laptop or Netbook. Another arguable topic, since I only put laptops and Netbooks in the same category. For me, a Netbook is no longer just a laptop with a rotation axis as a price.

Lenovo X200t. This is the evolution of the tablet PC with some Multitouch advantages. Add in a long-lasting battery and the industry-leading lenovo keyboard and you have one of the best Windows 7 devices on the market, period. The X200t shows how touch and touch tablets could become common next year.

13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s not a perfect computer. When I use it at home, I wish the screen was bigger. If it is with me, I would like it to be a little thinner and lighter. However, it is one of the most balanced laptops I have ever seen, which is one of the reasons why It is a pleasure to use it. From the LED display to the backlit keyboard to the built-in battery with a longer service life, this is everything a laptop should be, in my opinion. And it works not only Snow Leopard, but also Windows XP and Windows 7 perfectly.

Nokia Booklet 3G. Surprisingly, it turned out that this is my Favorite Netbook was. It is tiny, light and elegant with some nice details that make it a pleasure to use. Of course, I would have liked to have seen a faster processor and a faster hard drive at a better price, but this “multimedia computer” from Nokia has a lot of potential.

General gadgets that stand out from the crowd

MiFi. When Novatel called me to tell me about its new mobile broadband product, I was a little skeptical. How many USB flash drives do I need? Instead, I saw a credit card-sized miracle that uses a 3G modem and crosses it with a Wi-Fi hotspot to create the first personal router. It’s awesome. With support for five devices, you can make any Wi-Fi device 3G compatible with just a few clicks. MiFi takes an old concept and gives it a lot of new life.

Sonos S5. Take the Magic of Sonos and crush it into a box with great speakers. Combine it with an app for iPhone and iPod touch and you’re ready for the next music revolution at home. With the support of Rhapsody, Pandora, with the ability to connect to your entire iTunes library, Sonos bridges the gap by offering the most comprehensive digital audio experience on the market. Add the cool iPhone app and you have the first device that is not an accessory for the iPhone, it is now the first accessory for an app. Impressive and well done.

The 3M MPro120 projectors. Pico have been around for a while, but this is the first to be actually usable and more than a toy. It is easy to connect to a PC or iPod, and although it is not perfect, this technology becomes much more interesting when it is integrated into more devices.

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