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The new MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most important computers since Steve Jobs pulled The Original Air out of an envelope. It shows what is possible if Apple builds an ultraportable device entirely around its mobile chips, rather than lazily sticking them into old laptop models, like the recent 13-inch MacBook Pro. The Air is incredibly thin and light, but it also has a bigger and better screen, a great set of speakers and a chic MagSafe power supply. And thanks to Apple’s m2 chip, it is also much faster than the recent model, a computer that I called “incredibly fast” a year and a half ago. Once again, Apple has set a new standard for Ultraportables.

Before we dive into what’s under the hood, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking: it’s a beautiful computer! The characteristic Wedge design of the Air has disappeared-now it is uniformly thin from front to back. Apple essentially repeated the PowerBook-like design of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros – more rounded edges, a notch for the Webcam-but crushed it into a cover that was only 11.3 millimeters thick and weighed 2.7 pounds. Although it is only a tenth of a pound lighter than the last Air, it is much more balanced, which makes it easier to hold.

  1. Professional
  2. Much thinner than before
  3. Beautiful 13.6-inch Screen
  4. Large Quad Speaker Configuration
  5. Excellent M2 Performance


  • More expensive than before
  • A certain speed limit for advanced tasks
  • No Promotion

When I first picked up the MacBook Air, it looked more like an iPad with a built-in keyboard than a laptop. The funny thing is that it’s actually more portable than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which weighs about 3 pounds in combination with its smart keyboard. The iPad Pro has always been positioned as a futuristic ideal for truly portable computing, but it turns out that it weighs as much as the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Again, the modest air wins.

It’s also nice to see Apple offering a wider choice of finishes. In addition to the typical Space gray and silver, there is a brighter Starlight cover and a stylish Midnight option in black. I tested a Starlight model, and the way the color comes out of the Aluminum always makes me happy.

To be honest, this feeling of joy can be found almost everywhere in the MacBook Air, like its new 13.6-inch liquid Retina display. It’s only a third of an inch bigger than before, but it feels more expansive and captivating. This helps Apple shave the bezel a little and increase the brightness to 500 Nits, which greatly facilitates the use of Air outdoors.

The Liquid Retina display is largely identical to what we saw on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros–the only difference is that it has no advertising. I didn’t expect to see this technology with a high refresh rate on a consumer laptop, especially after it didn’t arrive on the 13-inch MacBook Pro. But at this point, this is one of the few things that prevents the air from being really perfect. Maybe I’m just greedy, but my eyes have been spoiled. I need a silky smooth scroll on every machine! I was also a little disappointed with the new 1080p Webcam. It has more pixels than the previous 720p cameras, but it still looks pretty monotonous and grainy.

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