Alexa Voice control Now In Amazon Devices


Amazon released The Alexa Appkit last month, in the hope that developers will develop exciting new features for the voice technology that powers The Echo. This time, the e-commerce giant is offering the Alexa voice service (AVS) itself as a developer preview, which hobbyists and legitimate hardware manufacturers can integrate into their own connected devices. The best part is that the company allows the use of its Technology for free. “When you add Alexa to your device, your users can request and receive information in the same way they would from an Amazon Echo,” the company’s quick start guide says. This means that devices loaded with Alexa can also answer questions about the weather and search for things or traffic conditions online.

Users of the devices will be able, according to Amazon:

  • Ask your device all kinds of questions, such as math problems or facts about famous people, dates and places
  • Stay up to date with Flash Briefing, a customizable news feed with Podcasts and headlines from sources such as ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox Sports and more…
  • Play and buy music by Artist, Title, Album or Genre on Amazon Music
  • Discover Prime Music, which offers unlimited, ad-free access to more than a million songs, hundreds of playlists and personalized stations – for free with Amazon Prime
  • Enjoy Podcasts, music and live Radio from iHeartRadio
  • Listen to Audible audiobooks with your Audible or Kindle Unlimited subscription
  • Add items to your to-do and shopping lists
  • Get traffic information for your daily commute
  • Check the weather in your hometown or in other places around the world

  • Access millions of Wikipedia articles
  • Check appointments or weekend plans in Google Calendar
  • Listen To Jokes
  • Playing Simon says
  • Look for fun Easter eggs, like “Alexa, I’m your dad”
  • Set language triggers for recipes created in If This Then That (IFTTT)
  • Get access to new features that you and other developers are creating with the Alexa Skills Kit
  • Use the free Alexa Companion app (available for Fire OS, Android, iOS and desktop browsers)

We doubt that an Internet-connected Gadget powered by Alexa, with the exception of The Echo, will be on sale soon, because this is just a preview from the developers, but we will look for you all. It should be noted that The voice assistant received excellent reviews, and even our editor-in-chief, who reviewed The Echo, fell in love with her for her awesome ability to understand natural language.

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